Saturday, October 12, 2013

Space 2

Space 2
It’s been a while, but I’m back. The new business office for my husband is open and humming along. I think it was a good decision, but only time will tell. Working from home has its perks, but quiet and privacy are not among them. That’s not even counting the effect on the rest of the family. I really missed the chance to come home and have an hour to myself at the end of the workday, before the crowds descended. While he had a lot of time alone, I had NONE. (except the 20 minutes driving home from work. Going to work I have a sleepy teen with me, so it is kind of like being alone!).  It has only been a couple of weeks, and its Open Enrollment so he has been on the road anyway.

I had a fantasy that a business office would mean that I would get the room to myself. Not so. But I got my own little space, so no complaints. My husband left quite a bit of his work stuff in there, and I still need the storage and computer/printer for the online sales.  It looks pretty funny in there actually. My husband has a thing about using what you have. (upcycling?) Last year we modified an old swing set he had built years ago and made a beautiful container garden. 

This time he insisted that we use the raised platform bed that was already in the room as a way to get storage for the online stock and shipping materials. It looks terrible, but I must admit it works well. (Until I need something up there. We’ll see how much he likes it after he has to climb up there and look around, LOL) The Ikea bed is like 7 feet high with a desk underneath. So he just put lots of stuff up there out of the way. Whenever I sit at that computer I feel like I’m in a cave. He is quite pleased though, and it keeps everything in one place.  

So now I can have a little time alone at the end of the day, my sewing space, and things are out of the way. What could be better??
Stay tuned for my next devious plot to get my kitchen cabinets repainted. I like the idea of leaving the top cabinets off white, and painting only the bottom ones another color. I’m thinking about a Mustard Yellow (not Frenchs!), Slate Gray or Olive Green. Its only paint, right? Lets see if he goes for it.