Sunday, September 22, 2013


This makes me feel ridiculously happy!    I finally got my little piece of creative real estate back. Its been almost 2 years since I could use my sewing machine in a dedicated spot. Did I mention how happy this tiny little spot makes me? (it really is the "little things" as they say :)) Want a tour of my crafty corner?
I have shelves. In the few hours since I took this photo the shelves of become much more packed. It seems I had bits of sewing, embroidery and knitting supplies stashed all over the house. Its all here now, except for the "Knitting Dresser". That won't fit in here.
I have a little bulletin board for ideas and such. I stuck this up there for fun. My boys when they were little. Its fun to see the men they are becoming.
The top I was in the middle of when I was booted form my sewing spot a couple of years ago. I hope I can figure out exactly where I left off (and that it will still fit!).   This little bit of space came about after reorganizing and switching a kid bedroom and my husband's office. When he became self employed and needed a real home office I got displaced.  Now, we are still both in the small room, along with my online sales stock, but it is in a better configuration. We are also considering renting an office in an office building, which could mean the room will be ALL MINE!!!!! Wow, that would be amazing.  There are a lot of people in our house, so getting some space of my very own is great!! So I'll be anxiously waiting to see how that plan pans out. I still won't be able to sew while he is in the working, because even with the quiet machine it makes quite a bit of noise.    Luckily I've had lots of knitting to keep me busy when I could not get to the sewing machine.  Life is good!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Size Does Not Fit All

I am so tired of this “college for everyone” mentality in the US.  College is not for everyone. It’s a fallacy that all children can learn and be on a certain level in the same amount of time. We have now screwed up an entire generation of kids with this ridiculous notion. There are so many young people who were pushed toward college, took loans and now are in huge debt, who probably were not even “college material”. As you know you can’t tell the bank, “Well I never finished college, so I don’t actually need that student loan. Thanks anyway, but I won’t be paying it back.” I don’t say that to be mean. When we used to provide vocational education/training in high schools kids could graduate and be college or work ready based on the courses they chose to take. Now, its college and career ready, which still means college, because as we know vocational training is gone from most regular schools. I have news for you Arne Duncan. Many kids should not be sent off to college, based on loans they can’t repay, to train for jobs that are becoming obsolete. This attitude that everyone must be prepared to go college is bad. Don't we need skilled trades people?  
 I say we stop changing the education system every year or two, and try something long enough to see if it works. Common Core has some serious issues, and I am afraid the disaster that is Secondary Education in America is about to get a whole lot worse.  No one asked my opinion, but if they did I would say this: Start with a vocational/trade focus in regular high schools. The middle and top students are going to go college anyway. We don’t really have to worry about them. It’s the rest of the kids we need to catch before they fall through the cracks. Sure its all about rigor, but why can’t the rigor be in a subject that will be useful for a middle class person working in a trade that allows them to live a comfortable life and support themselves?    Rant complete, that is all!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Friends Obsessed with Football,
I know it’s THAT time again. I see you all in your special shirts  (and some of you with hats too).  I understand the desire to participate in an activity you love, really, I do. What I don’t understand is why you don’t understand that not everyone loves football.  At work I was gently reminded that I’m supposed to wear my college colors on Fridays.  The premise is that it will excite the students about going to college. I’m pretty sure though that it is just a secret plot related to college football. I’m not sure if my college had colors.  To be honest I’m not even sure if they had football.  I now live in the South, which seems extremely college football oriented. Maybe attending college in New England prevented me from developing this affliction?  I hope you enjoy the season, but please excuse me from the festivities. Thanks
PS: I wish that everyone could get that excited about academics.