Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Twisted Stitches

So relaxing, such a sense of accomplishment! Until it becomes clear that somewhere up there is a mistake. It was soo frustrating.  I used to rip it all out if it was an obvious problem, but left it if only I would notice. But now I take my time and take out a stitch at a time, tinking, which means knitting backwards, until I get to that spot and fix it. No stress, no problem. I would be spending the time knitting anyway, right? This way it will be perfect! (Unless of course its a small mistake and I don't think you will notice it, then it stays!) The quiet solitary rhythym is so soothing, even when I'm tinking. I only wish I had discovered this way to meditate when I was younger.


  1. Laura... it's Susan M. from church - good for you for starting a blog, and I'm very much enjoying your entries. I started, and kept up with mine, fairly religiously, from May 2007 to December 2009 and then I allowed "life stuff" to get in the way - I miss it though, and you've inspired me to get back to it... :-)

    I had never heard the word "tinking" before... but it may become my new mantra/philosophy - I love the idea of going backwards until I get to a spot and fix it (no stress, no problem). Such a lovely metaphor - thanks for your words of wisdom!

    1. Thanks Susan, when you start back let me know. I want to follow!