Sunday, September 22, 2013


This makes me feel ridiculously happy!    I finally got my little piece of creative real estate back. Its been almost 2 years since I could use my sewing machine in a dedicated spot. Did I mention how happy this tiny little spot makes me? (it really is the "little things" as they say :)) Want a tour of my crafty corner?
I have shelves. In the few hours since I took this photo the shelves of become much more packed. It seems I had bits of sewing, embroidery and knitting supplies stashed all over the house. Its all here now, except for the "Knitting Dresser". That won't fit in here.
I have a little bulletin board for ideas and such. I stuck this up there for fun. My boys when they were little. Its fun to see the men they are becoming.
The top I was in the middle of when I was booted form my sewing spot a couple of years ago. I hope I can figure out exactly where I left off (and that it will still fit!).   This little bit of space came about after reorganizing and switching a kid bedroom and my husband's office. When he became self employed and needed a real home office I got displaced.  Now, we are still both in the small room, along with my online sales stock, but it is in a better configuration. We are also considering renting an office in an office building, which could mean the room will be ALL MINE!!!!! Wow, that would be amazing.  There are a lot of people in our house, so getting some space of my very own is great!! So I'll be anxiously waiting to see how that plan pans out. I still won't be able to sew while he is in the working, because even with the quiet machine it makes quite a bit of noise.    Luckily I've had lots of knitting to keep me busy when I could not get to the sewing machine.  Life is good!

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